Congratulations, Dr. Dénes Kovács!

There is an increase again in PhD degrees at ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.

Dénes Kovács, a respected colleague of our company, who has been an active member of the ProfiKomp Team for 18 years, successfully defended his PhD dissertation entitled “Monitoring the composting process with the application of new examination method”. The public debate announced by the Szent István University Doctoral School of Environmental Sciences was held on 3 October 2019, in the ground floor Rector’s Ceremony Hall.

Dénes has been dealing with composting for more than 20 years, not only researching the scientific background of composting, but also having day-to-day management and operational experience of composting facilities. As a result of his persistent research under the guidance of his former supervisor, professor emeritus Dr. György Füleky, Dénes is now conducting research activities in our team as a postdoctoral fellow worker.

The dissertation can be viewed at the Szent István University Doctoral, Habilitation and Science Organization Office, as well as at and

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