Our Ginop-Plus project is launched officially

On 21 March, we held the press launch event of our tender “Development of a dry fermentation technology at Profikomp Environmental Technologies Inc.” at the company’s headquarters.

As a result of the project (GINOP-PLUSZ-1.2.1-21-2021-00886) with a 55% grant a container dry-fermentation unit with a mobile flat classifier will be installed at the Profikomp Innovation and Training Centre this year.

As explained by Dr László Aleksza, CEO, the project will now enable anaerobic waste recovery at our demonstration plant, further increasing the range of waste that can be recovered and the efficiency of recovery in line with the principles of the circular economy. The biogas produced during the operation of the technology will initially be utilised by a 30-kilowatt gas engine, but in the future it could also be used to produce biomethane, using further purification processes.

Dr Sándor Dér, the technical manager of the project, presented in detail the possibilities and technological solutions of biogas production, highlighting the technical conditions, technological steps and advantages of the process to be applied in the present project. Dry fermentation allows the fermentation of a wide variety of wastes with little pre-treatment. The fermentation residue can be recycled as compost through aerobic post-treatment. The biogas produced in the three biogas fermenters to be installed, each with a capacity of 30 cubic metres, will be used by a 30-kilowatt gas engine. In addition to the electricity generated by the gas engine, Profikomp uses the thermal energy generated in the production of compost products, in insect breeding experiments and in building thermoregulation.

The event, which was open to the press, gave invited participants the opportunity to learn more about the project in an informal discussion at the end of the presentations.

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