ProfiKomposzt - We started production of our premium compost products

The production of compost products started at our site in Orosháza. After the successful start-up of our solid and liquid compost production plant in 2022, this year we have started the production and distribution of compost products of different types and packaging.

During the investment realized with a tender support, we expanded the composting capacity of organic manure and developed the production capacity of composts. The recently purchased equipment has also made the preparation and homogenisation of raw materials more efficient, as well as the handling and packaging of the finished product.

We also installed a complete automated production line in the production hall on the site. As a result, we can now produce our high quality cattle manure-based compost products in a variety of formats and packaging to meet customer requirements.

Our premium quality composts will be sold in bulk, bigbag and bagged formats in the first instance, but we have also started to produce compost granules. The newly commissioned production line will also enable the production of liquid fertilizers – compost teas.

Our ProfiCompost product range is a premium-quality organic crop-enhancing material with a marketing license. These serve as an excellent source of nutrients for our crops and ornamental plants during both agricultural and garden and landscape use.

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