The main ingredient of ProfiCompost® is cattle-stable manure, containing exclusively natural materials. The product is made using our advanced ProfiKomp Composting Technology associated with the ProfiCover® breathable membrane cover, applied at the site of ProfiKomp Environmental Technologies Inc. During production, we adhere to the strictest Quality Assurance System, developed based on over 20 years of research, development, and operational experience. ProfiCompost® is available in bulk and bagged packaging and as a pelletized compost product.

ProfiCompost® is characterized by a high organic matter content and a well-balanced distribution of macro and microelements. Notably, it boasts an increased level of humified organic matter, substantiated by a humic acid ratio surpassing 35% of the organic dry matter. The product exhibits an N-P-K content of 2-2-1 w/w% on a dry matter basis, thereby contributing to soil fertility and fostering optimal conditions for plant growth.  

  • Excellent for nutrient replenishment and fertilization and rich in macro, meso, and microelements.
  • Improves soil physical properties, including water, heat, and air management, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of dusting and erosion.
  • High humic acid content for improved soil structure.
  • Nutrients are partially in bound form, ensuring prolonged plant nourishment without leaching.
  • Moisture content enriches it with beneficial microorganisms, directly boosting soil biological activity and nutrient-holding capacity.
  • Mobilizes nutrients in the soil, promoting optimal trace element utilization.
  • Gentle on soil and plants, causing no stress or burning, promoting healthier plants and root formation.
  • Forms humus complexes for effective binding and supplying of plant nutrients.
  • No risk of over-fertilization, eliminating waiting time.
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