ProfiKomp® Products

With a legacy spanning over two decades, ProfiKomp® proudly introduces a comprehensive array of products, showcasing our commitment to revolutionizing biological waste management. Our products include shredders, winding machines, specialized solutions like ProfiCover®, ProfiCompost®, and insect farming by-products.

At ProfiKomp®, we continue to be at the forefront of innovation, providing efficient and economical solutions that cater to the diverse needs and requirements of our clients.

Machine Technology

ProfiKomp® Shredder

With over 25 years of dedicated technical expertise, our composting shredders showcase user-friendly operation before composting. This equipment is engineered to efficiently shred all types of waste. The high-quality cutting systems efficiently process kitchen and food waste, swiftly transforming large pieces into easily manageable raw materials for composting. Moreover, it is designed to accommodate biodegradable plastics, polymers, paper, and cardboard materials for recycling or composting. Additionally, it can handle small wood pieces, stems, dry leaves, grass clippings, and herbaceous plants.

ProfiKomp® Winding Machines

Handling large compost covers efficiently, especially those weighing hundreds of kilograms, demands advanced winding machines. Drawing on years of professional experience, we have continuously refined our winding machines, resulting in three distinct versions: wall-mounted, towed, and self-propelled mobile version. Tailored for specific applications, each machine serves a unique purpose. Notably, our mobile winder stands out for its unparalleled flexibility and the ability to extend the life of covers through gentle handling. The self-propelled and remotely operated machine can be powered by diesel or solar energy, offering operators a versatile solution that aligns with their specific needs.

Compost covers


Introducing ProfiCover®, our state-of-the-art membrane cover that combines cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly practices. ProfiCover® not only ensures cost-effective installation and operation but also excels in enhanced process control, consistently delivering high-quality compost and proficiently managing odors and emissions. ProfiCover® offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating input volumes ranging from 2,000 to over 300,000 tons per year. Seamlessly integrating into various composting setups, it excels in in-vessel systems, heap systems, and box-shaped systems. Moreover, ProfiCover® is a versatile retrofit/replacement solution, effortlessly integrating into existing setups without extensive modifications. 

Organic Fertilizers


The main ingredient of ProfiCompost® is cattle-stable manure, containing exclusively natural materials. The product is made using our advanced ProfiKomp Composting Technology associated with the ProfiCover® breathable membrane cover, applied at the site of ProfiKomp Environmental Technology Inc. During production, we adhere to the strictest Profikomp Quality Assurance System, developed based on over 20 years of research, development, and operational experience. ProfiCompost® is available in bulk and bagged packaging and as a pelletized compost product.

Insect Farming Byproducts

Tenebrio Molitor and its Versatile Byproducts

Our pioneering insect farming practices yield a range of revolutionary products, including live mealworms and processed insect protein powders. At the forefront of eco-friendly solutions, we harness valuable by-products like chitin and chitosan, contributing to a circular economy. Explore our insect-rearing facilities, fostering breeding experiments and production yield validation. Committed to sustainability, we offer insect frass for experimental use, supporting ongoing research and innovation. Choose ProfiKomp® as your trusted partner in advancing environmental technologies for a greener future.

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