Biopolymer composting

Complex services in compostability examination of biopolymers and biopolymer-based waste utilization

ProfiKomp® wishes to play a defining role in establishing the circular economy, specifically in the field of compostable bioplastic waste utilization, by providing analytical, consultancy, and engineering services and supplying optimised technologies for biopolymer composting.

ProfiKomp® Inc. provides comprehensive services to its partners, from examining biopolymer raw materials & products through simulating the composting process to designing and putting into operation tailored composting technologies.

Biopolymer feedstock examination

Our analytical and research capability at the ProfiKomp® Innovation and Education Centre allow us to provide professional services in the field of the investigation of biodegradability by analysing biopolymer raw materials and determining quality parameters.

Within the frame of our feedstock analysis and research services we use standardized and our own analytical methods: the investigation of biodegradability that meets the criteria defined in European norms and also the use of self-developed testing methods for modelling industrial and home composting environments.

  • Examination of physical, chemical and biological parameters of biopolymer wastes and by-products as feedstock;
  • Investigation of the biodegradability and compostability of product samples, meeting the criteria of specific norms (EN, ISO, ASTM);
  • Investigation of biodegradability and compostability of specific samples in industrial composters and bioreactors (based on our own methodology) by simulating and studying all the stages of industrial or home composting.

Composting process examination

Based on the professional experience and technical background of ProfiKomp® Group we are capable of simulating composting with full process tracking during the composting process with the aim of optimizing and developing tailored technologies.

Feedstock composition optimization

  • C/N ratio optimization;
  • nutrient content adjustment;
  • determination of additives

Designing optimized composting processes

  • humidity level optimization;
  • setting up oxidative conditions;
  • determining adequate ventilation;
  • control system optimization;
  • gas emission measurement.

Biopolymer derived compost examination

Determination of quality parameters and the usability of compost products such as composts, soil improvers and soil conditioning materials based on standardized and our own methodology.


Examination of the effect of fertilizing products on germination with the help of standardized phytotoxicity tests in our phytotron. Weed seed germination tests can be also carried out in our phytotron laboratory.

  • examination of physical and chemical paramerers of the product;
  • biological examination: maturity tests, determination of respiration activity (AT4 value);
  • plant growth tests in phytotron rooms, phytotoxicity tests and examination of germination inhibition effects.

If you are interested or need further information related to biopolymer composting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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