A view of Profikomp Drum Composter Technology with smart and innovative design

ProfiKomp® Breathable Drum Composter

The inception of the drum composter was driven by a culmination of factors. At its core, our journey into its creation was steered by the rich expertise garnered over two decades of dedicated work in the field of industrial composting technologies. This profound experience, earned through relentless innovation and development, served as the foundation upon …

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he modular design of ProfiKomp's composting system, adaptable for varying capacities.

An Introduction to ProfiKomp® Technologies

For more than two decades, ProfiKomp® has been at the forefront of biological waste management technologies, offering steadfast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for handling biological waste. The team of experts at ProfiKomp® collaborates closely with clients, devising and executing solutions that truly deliver. ProfiKomp® provides encapsulated treatment technologies worldwide. One of our remarkable innovations, ProfiCover®, …

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