Profikomp® Decentralized Composting Technology

he modular design of ProfiKomp's composting system, adaptable for varying capacities.

In the realm of sustainable waste management, on-site recycling stands as a fundamental pillar, and this principle resonates strongly within composting practices. By introducing cost-efficient equipment, we curtail transportation distances and curbing detrimental emissions. The idea of on-site utilization fosters reduced transportation costs, while maintaining an optimal plant size translates into minimized operational expenditures.

For Whom?

This technology is targeted towards small-capacity settings, communal initiatives, and family-level garden composting.


The modular design allows the technology to handle input capacities ranging from 100 to 1500 tons per year.

Key Technical Specifications 

Multi-lift Design: Incorporates a Multi-lift design with a spacious 30 m3 container.

Thermal Insulation: Implements a thermal insulation design, utilizing sandwich panels or alternative materials.

In-floor Aeration: Integrates an in-floor system for aeration and efficient leachate collection.

Odor Control: Demonstrates effective odor control through a semipermeable membrane covering.

Secure Loading: Features a secure sealed door for loading raw materials.

PLC Integration: Equipped with advanced PLC control, facilitating data access and downloads on mobile devices.

Continuous Monitoring: Allows continuous monitoring of the maturation process, including temperature measurement through a thermometer probe.

Technology Advantages

Affordable Compact: Produces high-quality compost.

Customizable and Size-Adaptable: Size adjustments based on individual needs.

Effortless and Economical Installation: Save construction costs with an easy and quick setup.

Decentralized and Portable: Move and place the container-based composting system anywhere, empowering decentralized composting solutions.

The Semipermeable Membrane Cover: maintaining effective oxygen supplies while managing odours, preventing pests.

Tailored for Local Utilization: ideal for decentralized composting facilities for municipalities, companies, institutions and communities.

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