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Development of technology for the production of insect protein-based feed

Project title: Development of a sustainable, waste-free production technology of insect-based protein feed and its feed use with farm animals according to the circular economy model

Project ID: 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2021-000300

Amount of support: HUF 699,003,000

Consortium leader: VITAFORT Első Takarmánygyártó és Forgalmazó Zrt.

Consortium members: Profikomp Környezettechnika Zrt. Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Project start: 02.01.2021.

Planned completion of the project: 31.01.2024.


The main goal of the project is to produce feed mixtures containing insect-based protein that can be produced economically, and to develop a product line from them. The recipe of each feed product is developed specifically for poultry and pig farms, as well as their age characteristics.

Thanks to the research, our country can gain a strategically important competitive advantage in the field of animal feed compared to regional competitors, because after the implementation of the project, research results and the results of large-scale feeding experiments on the processed insect protein will be available. The research conducted on the subject is extremely important, since this raw material has a similar high protein content as soy, so it can be an alternative to replacing it, thereby reducing the use of protein of genetically modified origin and/or from outside the EU in many cases.

During the project, we will develop a quality assurance system for the entire technological chain, in order to ensure traceability. This will regulate the process, starting from the place of origin of the substrate raw materials used to feed the insects, through the insects raised on it, to the animal products made from the animals that consume them as feed – meat, eggs.

In addition, we are also developing an analytical method based on a DNA diagnostic procedure to detect the insect protein content of feeds. Since one of the great advantages of insect protein is its small ecological footprint, environmental aspects are considered a major priority in the research. One of the environmental protection aspects of the research is the perspective-shaping approach, during which we can change the perspective of the insect as a pest to the perspective of the insect as a resource.

The official press release on the launch of the project can be read here.

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