Company history

1991 Introduction to composting; we obtain our first practical, professional experience
1995 Foundations of scientific background: thesis papers in composting
1996 Experiments, examinations and studies in composting
1998 Publication of a book by László ALEKSZA – Sándor DÉR: A komposztálás elméleti és gyakorlati alapjai (Theoretical and Practical Introduction to Composting); Cooperation with W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH
1999 Installation of the first windrow: membrane-covered, aerated, controlled composting technology; Initiation of the establishment of the Hungarian Quality Compost Association, establishment of the relevant professional background
2000 Establishment of ProfiKomp® Ltd.
2001 Publication of a book by László ALEKSZA – Sándor DÉR: Szakszerű komposztálás (Professional Composting)
2002 Development of background documents for the ’Biowaste Decree’ Initiation and organization of the establishment of the professional association of the ECN (European Compost Network)
2003 Launch of Sióagárd premises
2004 Installation of the twenty-fifth biological waste treatment plant
2005 ‘Spanish occupation’: delivery of composting technologies to the Iberian Peninsula
2006 Liquid yield-increasing product is launched to market: ProfiKomp® Compost Tea
Launch of Biowaste Magazine
2007 Launch of the fiftieth biowaste treatment plant
2008 Development of the ProfiKomp® Control System
2009 Establishment of ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc.
2010 Launch of the first ProfiKomp® Lifting System (PLS) technology
2011 EU research and development projects
2014 Delivery of composting and MBT technologies to Poland
2016 Biowaste Magazine is ten years old
2017 Licensed courses is launched at ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc;
The ProfiKomp® Innovation and Educational Centre is set up at our new premises: Kühne Ede u. 7; Gödöllő, Hungary
2018 Opening of our own research laboratory, olfactory lab, establishment of phytotron rooms;
Twenty years of cooperation with W.L Gore & Associates GmbH.
2019 The ProfiKomp® Organic Fertilizer product group is developed
Winning the “Greener Innovation” category prize with Sziget Fesztivál at the Greener Festival Awards
2021 Installation of the 100. composting plant


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