Future vision

As one of the leading bio-waste management companies in the region, to play a decisive role in the development of the circular economy in the field of modern bio-waste utilization and the production of quality crop-enhancing materials.


Creating value from waste in the spirit of economy and sustainability. Our mission is to develop innovative, economically operable complex technologies, which can be used by our partners to produce high-quality crop-enhancing materials from biodegradable waste.

Our values

With decades of professional experience, the ProfiKomp® group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the field of engineering and commercial services related to waste management. The company focuses on the aerobic utilization of biodegradable waste: composting, mechanical-biological stabilization, and biodrying technologies.

Quality in technology – ProfiKomp® Technologies

Since 2000, the ProfiKomp® company group has been supplying bio-waste treatment technologies with a closed system, covered with a semi-permeable membrane cover, aerated, equipped with control and measurement technology. The semi-permeable membrane cover specially developed for composting and other biological waste treatment, as well as the continuous development using our practical experience, are the guarantee that our partners receive quality technology to solve their waste management problems.

Quality in service - Complete solutions

In the course of our planning, consulting and construction activities, we provide our services to our partners in accordance with our own internal quality system. According to the needs of our partners, we are of course also available to our customers with information and advice during operation.

In our research laboratory, we carry out multifaceted testing of waste, soil and crop-enhancing materials, and we also provide our partners with compost simulation and full-scale odor emission measurement tests.

Reliability - References worldwide

The professionals of ProfiKomp® have already installed nearly a hundred bio-waste treatment plants in 18 countries worldwide: Hungary, Europe, and several Asian countries. At these farms, valuable soil improvement materials and composts are produced from a wide variety of raw materials and biodegradable waste.

The ProfiKomp® company group is also a market leader in the field of mechanical-biological waste management, we have outstanding references for the stabilization and/or drying of residual (mixed) municipal solid waste, which in all cases meet the landfillability (AT4 value, GB21, TOC) and energy standards of the given country parameters (moisture content, calorific value).


ProfiKomp® Környezettechnika Zrt. also places great emphasis on research, development and innovation projects. We participate in numerous domestic and EU tenders, examining the latest scientific results and practical background of bio-waste utilization, in cooperation with various companies, universities and research institutes. Thanks to continuous internal innovation, we also successfully develop our own technology in accordance with the needs and feedback of our partners.

Versatile knowledge base

Our highly qualified colleagues, as well as the extensive network of professional contacts, and the daily cooperation with various domestic and international professional workshops all form the basis of a high-quality professional knowledge base on which we can proudly build our company.

We also try to share this knowledge with our partners: through scientific publications, professional lectures, high-quality articles in the Hungarian-English Biowaste Magazine regularly published by our company, as well as through our accredited professional training courses.

ProfiKomp® owes its domestic and international success to continuous innovation, the professional commitment of its employees, and the high-quality work of its suppliers, which is also a guarantee that we always successfully solve the problems of our customers and partners related to waste management.

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