Laboratory tests

In the research laboratory that has been set up at the Profikomp® Innovation and Education Centre we con­duct numerous forms of research-based testing of waste materials, soils, composts, soil conditioners and fertilizing products using modern techniques and tools to determine their physical, chemical and biological parameters.

In the Research Laboratory we have bioreactors for simulating and studying all stages of the process from biowaste to product: from the analysis of raw materials to compost simulation and odour emission potential measurements, to the determination of quality pa­rameters and the usability of compost products.

In our Phytotron we are able to examine the effect of fertilizing products on germination with the help of standardized phytotoxicity tests.

Feedstock examination

  • examination of waste materials and by-products,
  • investigation on biodegradability and compostability,
  • testing physical, chemical and biological parameters

Process examination

  • process tracking,
  • compost simulation examination,
  • gas emissions measurements,
  • odour measurement with dynamic olfactometry,
  • baseline studies for impact area determination with field olfactometer

End-product examination

  • end-products, composts, soil im­prover and soil conditioning materials,
  • phytotoxicity tests, examination of germination inhibi­tion effects,
  • maturity tests, determination of respiration activity (AT4 value)

Examination of fertilizing products

  • product quality parameter examination,
  • plant growth tests in a modern phytotron,
  • weed seed germination tests,
  • algae tests.

We await existing and future partners to provide them with more detailed information about the examinations conducted in our Research Laboratory.

Odor management

ProfiKomp® Odor Management Service Package

Odour management, prevention and reduction is important for all waste treatment plants. It is often a big problem for the operators of these plants, because:

  • odour often cause problems with neighbours in plant management;
  • odour is difficult to characterize, it is a mixture of many compounds;
  • odour treshold concentration is often very low;
  • no single chemical has been identified as a good indicator.

ProfiKomp® Environmental Technologies Inc. offers a complex odour management service package, which helps to our Partners regarding validation or trouble shooting for Best Practice in plant management.

ProfiKomp® Odour Management Service Package includes:

  • Identify the critical points at the plant (feedstock storage, pre-treatment, screening, biological process.)
  • Onsite measurement of odour emission with field olfactometer Nasal Ranger – Measuring relevant weather conditions for identifying impact areas
  • Sampling odours – based on Standard EN 13725 – „Air quality – Determination of odour concentration by dynamic olfactometry for laboratory measurements” –  Using Nalophan sampling bags and „Lung method” field sampler;
  • Measuring odour emission and/ or imission (not accredited), analysis of samples using a 4 personel TO-7 Dynamic Olfactometer and selected Panel members;
  • Evaluation of data and identifying impact areas of odour with specialized software;
  • Personalized consultancy services regarding odour reduction and management – preparation of a report and an adapted Odour Management Plan;
  • Annual validation with field olfactometer.

If you are interested or need further information related to odour emission measures or the ProfiKomp® Odour Management Service Package, do not hesitate to contact us.

If we have piqued your interest, or if you have any questions about odor emission measurement or the ProfiKomp® Odor Management Service Package, contact us!

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