ProfiKomp Breathable Drum Composter

ProfiKomp Breathable Drum Composter is a rotary drum composting equipment developed for the treatment of organic waste, which enables high-quality, professional and intensive composting similar to industrial composting technologies to be implemented on a smaller scale.

The main features of the patent pending ProfiKomp Breathable Drum Composter (PCT/HU2020/050048) are as follows:

  • Rotating drum covered with a semi-permeable membrane cover,
  • Efficient mixing and homogenization of the material to be composted through swivelling;
  • Two-chamber design: in one chamber the collection and pre-treatment of waste takes place, in the other chamber intensive composting takes place;
  • Monitoring of the process with state-of-the-art temperature measurement with smartphone-optimized control software;
  • Sieving the final product using the sieve function.

With the special breathable membrane, we ensure the need for air (oxygen) for composting, so we can compost quickly, efficiently and without odour. Thanks to the membrane cover, the odour load during the composting process is reduced by more than 90%. As a result of the optimal composting process, a hygienic, high-quality compost final product can be produced. Mixing the material can be done efficiently with minimal energy investment. The mantle of the composting drum is perforated, thus it also performs the sieve function, which helps to separate the final product from the larger (structuring) material.

What makes the ProfiKomp Breathable Drum Composter innovative?
  • Production of high-quality compost in a short time;
  • Aesthetic, can be placed anywhere in the garden;
  • Designed outdoors, made of resistant materials;
  • State-of-the-art, easy-to-use technology;
  • Closed with a semi-permeable cover: protects against moisture, but provides aeration;
  • Odour-free solution;
  • It can also be used as a sieve.
Scope of waste that can be processed

Suitable waste

Non-suitable waste

peels of vegetables and fruits;
kitchen waste, coffee grounds;
leftover cooked food, small bones;
livestock manure;
cut grass, fallen leaves, chaff;
dead plant parts, shredded garden waste;

larger bones;
pet excrement;
fats, oils;
cigarette butt.

Technical data and specifications
  • The material of the equipment is corrosion-resistant, the parts in contact with the composting material are made of stainless steel.
  • It is powered by a manually driven ratchet drive. Electric drive will be also available.
  • The total volume of the 2 chambers is 1000 litres gross, which means a net useful capacity of 750 litres, so that with the application of the composting drum up to 5500 kg of waste can be treated annually.

The drum composter is divided into two chambers, which allows the two waste treatment phases to continue at the same time: while bio-waste is collected in one chamber, composting of the already collected waste takes place in the other chamber. The temperature of the chambers can be measured separately and thus monitored

The duration of the intensive composting cycle is 4 weeks, as a result of which a hygienized, mature compost final product is formed. After 4 weeks of intensive phase, the final product of the compost is sieved, then in this empty chamber the collection of waste begins, while intensive composting begins in the other chamber.

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