ProfiKomp® Breathable Drum Composter

A view of Profikomp Drum Composter Technology with smart and innovative design

The inception of the drum composter is rooted in our two decades of professional experience, an accumulation garnered from the incessant evolution of industrial composting technologies. Over recent years, this wealth of knowledge has been channeled into engineering solutions for smaller capacities.The ProfiKomp® Breathable Drum Composter is a pioneering innovation poised for international patent recognition. This equipment encapsulates the essence of high-level, intensive composting akin to industrial practices, now adapted for smaller capacities of biowaste.

For Whom?

The drum composter caters to various users, including smaller communities, residential complexes, schools, restaurants, hospitality establishments, urban agriculture farms, community gardens, public spaces, and parks.

Navigating Innovation with Industrial Precision

With its advanced design and features, such as the semipermeable membrane cover, it addresses concerns related to odors and emissions while creating optimal composting conditions. The incorporation of the advanced membrane cover ensures a quick, efficient, and hygienic composting process while deterring issues associated with rodents and pets.

Accessories and Customization

Optimized Composting Monitoring: Utilize the ProfiKomp® Wireless Temperature Sensor (WTS) for real-time temperature measurement via a wireless probe and smartphone app. This user-friendly system provides crucial composting process data, resulting in high-quality final compost.

Tailored Technological Enhancements: Enhance the Breathable Drum Composter with a small-scale shredder for effective bio-waste pre-treatment. Add a screw conveyor to create a comprehensive technology suite.

Off-Grid Functionality
: Incorporate a solar system for self-sustaining off-grid operations.

Accelerated Microbiology Commissioning: Utilize ProfiKomp® starter materials for expediting microbiology commissioning, demonstrating

A Holistic Solution- Two in One

The ProfiKomp® Breathable Drum Composter isn’t merely a composting vessel; it’s a complete solution. Comprising both composting and screening functions, its perforated design facilitates aeration, moisture control and compost separation.

Technology Advantages

Cost-Effective: Windrow composting offers a cost-effective waste management solution that requires minimal infrastructure and equipment, making it suitable for various budget levels.

Simplicity: The process is straightforward and doesn’t involve complex technology, making it accessible and manageable for a wide range of operators.

Scalability: The system can be scaled up or down depending on waste volume, making it adaptable for different operational sizes.

Low Energy Consumption: Since mechanical turning isn’t required, aerated composting typically has lower energy consumption compared to other composting methods.

Other Technologies

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