ProfiKomp® Lifting System

The ProfiKomp® Lifting System (PLS) is a cutting-edge membrane-covered solution, and the only solution of its kind, that remains encapsulated at all times, even when placing and removing material. Our technologies are advanced iterations of proven, membrane-covered forced aerated static pile (ASP) system featuring a fully automated frame mounted laminat lifting system.


The scalable and  flexible design allows the technology to handle input capacities ranging from 500 to 300 000 tons per year.

Key Technical Specifications

Precise Temperature Monitoring and regulatory compliance: Continuous temperature tracking within compost piles ensures compliance with PFRP standards and thorough pile condition monitoring.

Advanced Control system: The ProfiKomp® Control System, integrated with SCADA, efficiently manages all composting processes and gathers comprehensive system data.

Automated Aeration system: ProfiKomp® SCADA software guides the PLC to optimize aeration, ensuring consistent oxygen supply for effective composting. ProfiKomp® SCADA records and analyzes pile data, offering valuable insights into the composting process.

ProfiCover®: The semi-permeable ProfiCover® enhances biological and  significantly reduces emissions like odors, dust, VOCs, and GHGs, negating the need for traditional biofilters. After forming windrows, ProfiCover® is automatically  applied using our own developed laminate lifting system mounted to the side walls. 

Efficiency and Sustainability Boost: Advanced technology improves system efficiency, minimizes space requirements, lowers energy consumption, and reduces manual intervention.

Technology Advantages

Scalable with a Flexible Design according to waste volumes and site requirements 

Odour reduction: Our system accommodates a wide range of organic waste materials with odour, VOCs, and dust reductions of more than 90%. 

Optimal conditions  guaranteed: We ensure the perfect environment for composting, resulting in hygienic, high-quality compost. 

Regulatory compliance: Meets or exceeds composting standards including BAT/BREF

User-friendly: Easy to operate with automated control and membrane cover  lifting system.

Time-Saving Automation: Automated processes to save time and effort, maximizing composting efficiency. 

Other Technologies

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