Profikomp® Technologies

ProfiKomp® Biowaste Treatment Technologies have been successfully used on the market for 20 years: it is efficient, reliable and economical. The experts of Profikomp provide innovative, complete solutions for their partners who need assistance concerning biowaste utilization issues.


What makes ProfiKomp® Technologies innovative?

  • with the right mix of raw materials, it is suitable for the treatment of any biodegradable waste;
  • depending on the goal of the treatment, several technological solutions can be applied: composting, mechanical-biological waste treatment, or biodrying
  • various technological solutions are available: from the traditional windrow system to side-wall units and to the cutting-edge technology of (Profikomp Lifting System – PLS).
  • thanks to continuous development, we provide solutions that meet the latest technical, environmental, measurement-related, and IT requirements;

What guarantee is there that ProfiKomp® Technologies are the best choice for you?

  • ProfiKomp® Technology is accepted as an in-vessel treatment solution around the world;
  • our unique semipermeable membrane cover ensures the efficient reduction of odors and any other harmful emissions during treatment;
  • it meets the requirements of strict environmental BAT and BREF criteria
  • it is also cost-efficient as far as investment and installation costs are considered: this encapsulated technology without the application of a biofilter is associated with low energy consumption, a small demand for area, and an efficient treatment time;
  • It facilitates the easy production of an excellent quality, marketable final product as long as technological instructions are followed.

What is the ProfiKomp® Complete Service Package?

  • Needs analysis and basic engineering service with optimal technology recommendations;
  • If required, the preparation of a feasibility study, professional cooperation in various projects, provision of professional recommendations;
  • The technology is provided, from the installation of units to the installation of the system and test run through to complete launch;
  • ProfiKomp® Technology expertise is provided: complete technical documentation, multi-step training, consultation and on-the-spot discussions
  • ’After sales’ service, if required.

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The operation of Profikomp® Technologies

ProfiKomp® Technologies consist of three main components: the semipermeable membrane cover, the aeration and the control systems. Additionally, basic engineering, handling options, trainings and after sales consultancy including services are offered to ensure smooth operation.  The laminate system controls the oxygen content in the windrows through positive aeration, and temperature changes can be monitored at different points of the heap. With the help of the semipermeable membrane cover it is possible to create ideal conditions for the chemical and biological processes occurring in the heaps. Odour and other emissions such as dust and volatile organic compounds are effectively reduced. There is no need for the use of biofilters. As a result, higher performance will be achieved; furthermore, the space need, energy use and labour needs for biological treatment can be reduced significantly.

The versatility of ProfiKomp® Technologies

ProfiKomp® Aerated Windrow System

  • Technically the easiest solution, trapezoid covered windrows without side walls;
  • Low investment cost;
  • Can be built into previously established areas, even without any extra construction work;
  • Its operation requires a lot of work and is labour intensive; therefore the operating cost is higher than with more complex systems.

ProfiKomp® side-wall system

  • Technically a more complex system, therefore initial investment costs are higher.
  • Closed body of waste with clearer boundaries and easily separable units, more aesthetically pleasing plant.
  • Lower work and personnel requirements and simple machinery, therefore lower operational costs.
  • More intensive technology – as a result, performance per unit is greater

ProfiKomp® Lifting System – PLS

  • The system with the highest technological quality – as a result, operations are reliable and associated with low energy costs.
  • Requires a small area and is an intensive technology, thus highest performance per unit.
  • Encapsulated technology during the whole process, so extremely low odor emission.
  • The system is not very sensitive – the least affected by external impacts or weather conditions.
  • Well-automated system with easy digitization which also fulfils the requirements of Industry 4.0.
  • Complete fulfilment of industrial requirements based on BAT References Documents (BREF).
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